Bring the Arts and Science together to blossom

Final Make


Making a Change at School

Connecting Art, Science and the Community

Goal:  Promote collaboration with other subjects along with the community. Helping to make the community a better place we partnered together to create a inspirational environment for the students to go. They will walk away with the knowledge of science, art, and community.
Background: Collaborating with the second grade team and my Art Club we decided to create a garden project that students will learn about the growth of plants and how we can impact our community! Working with the second grade teachers we agreed to work together to create this garden space for our school to show students plant growth along with having a colorful environment.
Day 1
The start off is with second grade and their unit on plants. Their unit consist of identifying parts of the plant, the life cycle of the plant, and comparison on different plants. The Art Club will focus on the detail of the boxes and decorate them. The nuns and priest from next door came over and helped. This allowed us to connect science and art with the community.
Day 2
Second grade will go outside with their class and talk about plant life. They will have the opportunity to plant in the flower boxes and water their plant. They will then put up informational signs near their plants for others to observe.
Day 3,4, and 5
Second grade will be involved with art and create a motivational garden piece. Each student will have a rock to paint. As a class we will talk about growth as a person and what inspires up. After our talk they will write on their rock and inspirational work or phrase. They will then place their rock in the garden that they created.
Slide Show will give more information

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