Find- Shared Purpose


This article focusing on shared purpose leads to civil action. The article is written by a teacher in a struggling school. The school was forced to get taken over and talked about turning into a charter school all due to standardized testing. The students all shared the idea that it was wrong that they must do something about it. Them sharing in this similar topic had them work together and fight for a cause they hold close to them.


The shared purpose in this article is more about a common thing that can happen to anyone with anything, failure. This article talked about how students fear failure and will dismiss anything that can lead them to that. They take the safe road because in school failing is bad. They don’t see how failure can be good. The shared purpose in this story is that students shared their failure not to mop but learn and teach. Students not only failed themselves but they learned from their failure along with others who have shared.  This helped students with their confidence along with problem solving.


This video is a great way of shared purpose. This teacher asked her student to tell them a lie they heard about. This would be a lie that relates to them. It was a strong shared purpose movement that had young students share their story about a lie they found hurtful. A lie that relates to them whether it is about their gender, race, education, appearance, etc.


I really like this program! They are student centered program that focuses strictly on children. They “Taking all kids interest equally serious.” I find this program amazing. The different projects offered gives students choices. They do just have to work with robots, they can go into the arts or the engineering side. They want kids to problem solve and fail and work as a team. They share purpose.


Shared purpose brings collaboration. When you want to share ideas you share them with others that are similar. You are collaborating with others. This is a great way to build your social skills and your social contacts. Collaboration also bring passion when they share a purpose


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