Wobbling in Equity

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 8.36.10 PM
How to Draw turning it into stain glass.

So looking at my lesson and how I teach, do I show equity? I like to say that I do but I think I can do better. This week I decided to ask my students what they like about art class and what they don’t like. I got many good response. They like how they can make cool things, how they can be creative, etc. Things they don’t like, writing down their assessment at the end of class. I guess writing is art class is a terrible thing! šŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 8.36.34 PM
How to Draw turning it into stain glass.

I decided to get more from them and ask what they like to do. The amount of kids that like to watch or try drawing anime or cute drawings was crazy. The big thing, which I allow in my class, is How to Draw on Youtube. It really helps my kids boost their confidence in class. They learn how to draw along with drawing things they like. So I decided lets try connecting what they like and put it

into a project. My plan now is trying to connect what they like into my curriculum. Wobbling a little but I will get the flow!

I also watch some videos on equity in the arts. I feel like diversity in the classroom is important for my students. I do include culture in my curriculum but how can I combinewhat the kids are interested in with diversity/equity? Another wobbling moment that I would like to tackle. I have thought of some ideas but I really want it to be engaging yet inclusive.



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