Week 4 Find 5

I love finding ways to help me better myself as a teacher and a person. Things that help or support me is….

  1. Facebook– I follow many Art Education groups. The most helpful one is Art Elementary Teachers. It is so nice to get ideas from other educators along solving any problems that I have.  It is nice to have people who has gone through wobbly moments like myself help you out.
  2. Instagram– I love Instagram. Maybe obsess. I love pictures and videos, I guess you would say I am more a visual person. I follow A LOT of Art Teachers on there. I find it very inspiring to get ideas from other artist. I also get great comments on my pictures as well, so it is alway positive!
  3. Pinterest– So this is the best thing in the world. This allows me to get maker and art ideas to implement in my classroom. It is so easy to use and I can go right to the site of the idea and get more information on what I need.
  4. Cassie Stephens– This women is very inspiring. I found her a couple years ago online and love her ideas. She is so colorful both in outfit and personality. I love reading her blogs and getting inspired to create a fun project. I am also very jealous of her amazing outfits.
  5. Art Sonia– This is a great site to get some ideas to implement in the classroom. I love the pictures of all the work. It really gets you motivated to make it. The site reminds me of Pinterest for Art Teachers. I highly recommend this to all art teachers to get ideas and inspiration for their classroom. It also helps inspire your students, showing their artwork to others.

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