Game Time!


So I decided to play a game with my 2nd grade class but add a maker twist. I was thinking about playing some traditional games but then thought lets make it more interesting. I decided to let the kids and I play in class. First we had to make our tool for the game. The game was they had to pick up as many marbles as they can in 20 seconds. The rules are you can not use your fingers to tough the marbles. I gave each student the same amount of materials. Create your tool in 20 minutes. Go!!!

I had so much fun! I loved how we all became challenged to use our creativity to make a

Inspired by Wolverine.

tool that can win the game! I excited to see how we were able to make the tool and make it our own! I found great motivation in making my tool and I saw it on all the kids faces too. In the end I did not win 😦 but I will accept my defeat and allow a 2nd grader to take 1st place.

All she wanted to do was decorate!

This game really showed connected learning. It allowed the students to connect with themselves and problem solve. They had to challenge themselves along with their peers. Working on their own projects they still fed off their peers projects as well.  Each student got the same amount of materials so they all were equal yet there was only one person that collected the most marbles. (Not me 😦 . ) Overall the game was a success and the students are ready for a new game. Sorry guys back to the art project. hehehe

Final Score



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