Week 3 Find 5

Art and Technology

This article is about the importance of Art Education and how technology can help keep art in the schools. Showing how their is no equity in the education of Art in low poverty school because they are the first to cut the program due to finance. This shows how important art is.

Gaming in the Classroom

I am very guilty of this. I don’t regret it at all! This really helps my children relax and become more creative. They need that time to themselves where they can sit with their friends and have fun. I allow my students to create their project and at the end when they finish early they are awarded to relax and play. This will allow them to not get worn out. It works really well!

Project Base Learning

I watched this video for another class. I liked it because it breaks down the steps on how to create a Project Base Learning system. Helps gets some ideas going in your head.

Learning through imagination

Good video about using play as motivation in your life. Questions you on why does problem solving, innovation, creative thinking, curiosity be after basic learning? Playing “gets you in the zone.” I find imagination is the most important thing in a person learning. I find students that use their imagination and let it run wild will help them immensely in their education.


This relates to me a lot! This helps me better understand how to create a Makerspace. I understand it is hard to create a space and not think about space and money. This is a good motivation on how I can try to work more into the Makerspace in my classroom.


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