Week 2 Find 5 Friday

Here are some pretty cool articles!

Making and breaking in an art education makerspace

Good article to read on how Makerspace is being incorporated into Art Education. I relate to this a lot. Coming from someone who had no idea what a makerspace was a year ago this helps show how Makerspace and Art can go hand in hand.

A Makerspace for Everyone

This was a neat article to read about how successful their Makerspace is. It really pushes me to pursue my education in it and hopefully end up where they are.

Teaching with Graphic Novels

I relate to this very much.  I am more of a visual person so I think graphic novels can help with literature. Students can be both creative and help with their reading and writing.

Learning by doing

This is great way to learn how to do Project Base Learning. I find this super helpful for me in my classroom. I think the students learn better this way!

Podcast and the Classroom

I like this article. It gave me some fun ideas to implement in my classroom. Using technology in the classroom but in a different way. I was thinking having the students communicate with each other, teach each other. hmmmmm………



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