Marginal Syllabus events and annotation of a public article

So this took me a bit to figure out. I am not use to highlighting and annotation on the computer. I am use to the whole print out and getting the actual highlighter and making notes with pen. I will admit that I was a little nervous posting at first. I do get a little cautious about adding comments to quotes especially when they are personal. Overall  though, I did enjoy it! I like reading other peoples comments about the article. It also help me understand some things about the article too! I will say that Dewy’s “The School of Social Progress” was a tough but very interesting read. He is definitely born in the wrong age or he time traveled? But the article was a little tough to read and I had to reread a lot of sections but with the highlights and annotations I was able to get some ideas on what he was talking about. Also I enjoyed how I agreed with strangers on different ideas. I felt connected even though it was via computer. I believe Marginal Syllabus is a great way to communicate with strangers or even have students in a class communicate together!

My only issue is that this virtual communication is not the same as physically being in the class and discussing the article. I enjoy talking to someone face to face and having a conversation. I feel like, not just in Marginal Syllabus but in general texting or email, that things can also go out of context. I don’t take things with a gran of salt but some people might and then things can get virtually heated over taking something simple out of context. But that is just a thought that popped into the head.  I think having voice annotations would be nice. That way people can hear your voice better and get where the person is coming from. Again just an idea.



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