Wobbling in Equity

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 8.36.10 PM
How to Draw turning it into stain glass.

So looking at my lesson and how I teach, do I show equity? I like to say that I do but I think I can do better. This week I decided to ask my students what they like about art class and what they don’t like. I got many good response. They like how they can make cool things, how they can be creative, etc. Things they don’t like, writing down their assessment at the end of class. I guess writing is art class is a terrible thing! 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 8.36.34 PM
How to Draw turning it into stain glass.

I decided to get more from them and ask what they like to do. The amount of kids that like to watch or try drawing anime or cute drawings was crazy. The big thing, which I allow in my class, is How to Draw on Youtube. It really helps my kids boost their confidence in class. They learn how to draw along with drawing things they like. So I decided lets try connecting what they like and put it

into a project. My plan now is trying to connect what they like into my curriculum. Wobbling a little but I will get the flow!

I also watch some videos on equity in the arts. I feel like diversity in the classroom is important for my students. I do include culture in my curriculum but how can I combinewhat the kids are interested in with diversity/equity? Another wobbling moment that I would like to tackle. I have thought of some ideas but I really want it to be engaging yet inclusive.



Week 5 Find 5

  1. This is a great TED Talk about learning how to think like an artist. I really try to implement this in my classroom. Allowing the students to create, to come up with their own ideas.

2.  This is was a good read to break down how to create equity in your classroom. I feel like I try to accomplish as many steps as I can but having 500 students it can be a little tricky.

Equity vs. Equality: 6 Steps Toward Equity

3. Equity in the Art Room. This was a nice read about how art is beneficial for all students. This allows equity in school by sharing culture with students. Allowing story telling about different cultures through art.

Importance of equity and diversity in art education

4. This TED talk was a good watch! It talks about diversity and equity and how it is needed in the art. Showing equity and diversity in the arts will help inspire the students. Show what is out there!


5. Very interesting video! I like hearing the different ways artists see equity in the arts. I feel like it inspires me on what types of lessons I can start with in the elementary school that can show equity in the arts.

Equity in the Arts

Wobble Wobble

What do you want to be when you grow up? That question you start asking yourself as a kid. When you get to college they ask this to you but this time you have to be sure or you will lose lots of money. So for me I decided to combine two things I love to do. I love Art and I like to help others. I love what I do, but I do question my decision on days that are really hard. Do I wobble? OOOOOOHHHH YES!

What you think teaching is like video

I love seeing these pictures on Facebook about teaching and what you think it is like but what it really feels like. It makes me laugh because it is so true! It makes me feel better that I am not the only one feeling it. My struggles are like everyone else. Teaching is not easy and whoever says it is I need to go where they are! I have many wobble moments and I questions myself every time.

  1. When can I get time to get the material ready for students?
  2. Are they understanding the way I am instructing them?
  3. How can I boost their confidence in the Art Room?
  4. Are they bored? Can they relate?
  5. Is this too hard for them or too easy?
  6. Do I have enough objectives?
  7. How can I cross curricular?

These and many more that I will face in the future really unbalanced me as a teacher and makes me wobble. What I do find and what I found this week was some flow. I had students working on projects, really engaged and excited about the outcome. I had one student tell me after he finished his landscape painting that he thought his painting was going to suck but it doesn’t! It made me feel happy to know that these kids are building confidences and applying it to their work.

I know I will alway have some wobble but I can say that it helps drive me to be a better teacher. I try not to let it get in the way to teaching equity. I want all my students to be able to learn in my classroom fairly and I challenge that wobble to try to get in my way! I find that it can have me question things but it also feeds me into being a better teacher. I grew up learning life is not alway easy, well teaching is not always easy. Some days I want to give up but that flow that I get in class, that positive moment, really helps me fight that wobble. 

Week 4 Find 5

I love finding ways to help me better myself as a teacher and a person. Things that help or support me is….

  1. Facebook– I follow many Art Education groups. The most helpful one is Art Elementary Teachers. It is so nice to get ideas from other educators along solving any problems that I have.  It is nice to have people who has gone through wobbly moments like myself help you out.
  2. Instagram– I love Instagram. Maybe obsess. I love pictures and videos, I guess you would say I am more a visual person. I follow A LOT of Art Teachers on there. I find it very inspiring to get ideas from other artist. I also get great comments on my pictures as well, so it is alway positive!
  3. Pinterest– So this is the best thing in the world. This allows me to get maker and art ideas to implement in my classroom. It is so easy to use and I can go right to the site of the idea and get more information on what I need.
  4. Cassie Stephens– This women is very inspiring. I found her a couple years ago online and love her ideas. She is so colorful both in outfit and personality. I love reading her blogs and getting inspired to create a fun project. I am also very jealous of her amazing outfits.
  5. Art Sonia– This is a great site to get some ideas to implement in the classroom. I love the pictures of all the work. It really gets you motivated to make it. The site reminds me of Pinterest for Art Teachers. I highly recommend this to all art teachers to get ideas and inspiration for their classroom. It also helps inspire your students, showing their artwork to others.

Game Time!


So I decided to play a game with my 2nd grade class but add a maker twist. I was thinking about playing some traditional games but then thought lets make it more interesting. I decided to let the kids and I play in class. First we had to make our tool for the game. The game was they had to pick up as many marbles as they can in 20 seconds. The rules are you can not use your fingers to tough the marbles. I gave each student the same amount of materials. Create your tool in 20 minutes. Go!!!

I had so much fun! I loved how we all became challenged to use our creativity to make a

Inspired by Wolverine.

tool that can win the game! I excited to see how we were able to make the tool and make it our own! I found great motivation in making my tool and I saw it on all the kids faces too. In the end I did not win 😦 but I will accept my defeat and allow a 2nd grader to take 1st place.

All she wanted to do was decorate!

This game really showed connected learning. It allowed the students to connect with themselves and problem solve. They had to challenge themselves along with their peers. Working on their own projects they still fed off their peers projects as well.  Each student got the same amount of materials so they all were equal yet there was only one person that collected the most marbles. (Not me 😦 . ) Overall the game was a success and the students are ready for a new game. Sorry guys back to the art project. hehehe

Final Score


Week 3 Find 5

Art and Technology

This article is about the importance of Art Education and how technology can help keep art in the schools. Showing how their is no equity in the education of Art in low poverty school because they are the first to cut the program due to finance. This shows how important art is.

Gaming in the Classroom

I am very guilty of this. I don’t regret it at all! This really helps my children relax and become more creative. They need that time to themselves where they can sit with their friends and have fun. I allow my students to create their project and at the end when they finish early they are awarded to relax and play. This will allow them to not get worn out. It works really well!

Project Base Learning

I watched this video for another class. I liked it because it breaks down the steps on how to create a Project Base Learning system. Helps gets some ideas going in your head.

Learning through imagination

Good video about using play as motivation in your life. Questions you on why does problem solving, innovation, creative thinking, curiosity be after basic learning? Playing “gets you in the zone.” I find imagination is the most important thing in a person learning. I find students that use their imagination and let it run wild will help them immensely in their education.


This relates to me a lot! This helps me better understand how to create a Makerspace. I understand it is hard to create a space and not think about space and money. This is a good motivation on how I can try to work more into the Makerspace in my classroom.

Week 2 Find 5 Friday

Here are some pretty cool articles!

Making and breaking in an art education makerspace

Good article to read on how Makerspace is being incorporated into Art Education. I relate to this a lot. Coming from someone who had no idea what a makerspace was a year ago this helps show how Makerspace and Art can go hand in hand.

A Makerspace for Everyone

This was a neat article to read about how successful their Makerspace is. It really pushes me to pursue my education in it and hopefully end up where they are.

Teaching with Graphic Novels

I relate to this very much.  I am more of a visual person so I think graphic novels can help with literature. Students can be both creative and help with their reading and writing.

Learning by doing

This is great way to learn how to do Project Base Learning. I find this super helpful for me in my classroom. I think the students learn better this way!

Podcast and the Classroom

I like this article. It gave me some fun ideas to implement in my classroom. Using technology in the classroom but in a different way. I was thinking having the students communicate with each other, teach each other. hmmmmm………